Firelands Games is a club that showcases a variety of miniature and board games at unique events, with the goal of bringing new and experienced players together.


Left to right: James Tolbert, Rusty Parker, John Patrick


I’ve been playing games since learning Stratego and Risk from my father at a young age. My first miniatures were a Lord of the Rings set by Games Workshop when the first film was released. It had beautiful models on the box and I thought they would look great on my shelf! I was terribly surprised when I opened the box and saw the bare metal, and I’ve been painting miniatures ever since.

An early visit to Gettysburg as a teen cemented my love of history, and it’s wonderful being part of a hobby that includes gaming, art, and history as well. 


Long-time gamer since I can remember, pushing Airfix plastic soldiers across the carpet in the mid 1970s. I’ve always held a fondness for board games, RPGs and miniature wargames. I enjoy all aspects of ‘the hobby’ but most of all rolling dice with friends. Some of my favorite games include: 7 Wonders, Orleans (which I have never won!), A Few Acres of Snow, D&D, Saga, Black Powder & Star Wars Legion. When I’m not on my motorcycle I am either painting or gaming! 

One of my long-time goals was to host a convention near the Sandusky/Port Clinton, OH area in order to bring families to the ‘Fun Coast’. I believe it is a wonderful location for a convention. Plenty of hotels, waterparks, islands, amusement parks (Cedar Point), restaurants etc. to keep everyone in the family busy.  


Hello, John Patrick here. I have been gaming, in one form or another, for as long as I can remember. It started with plastic army men in backyard dirt piles 60+ years ago. Then, I discovered board games which led me to historical miniature tabletop battles. Somewhere in there, video games and Role Playing snuck in. While in the Army, I participated in real life wargames and an early computer simulation training wargame for officers and NCOs, but still found time to game Napoleonics, RPGs and Axis and Allies.

It is hard to pick a favorite part of our hobby, but I enjoy creating scenery, scenarios, rules for games and running them at conventions. Researching and building armies as well as educating people about our hobby is right up there on my list as well. But when all is said and done, there is nothing like gathering with friends for competition, conversation and good old-fashioned fun! Because of this our convention is something I have wanted to do for a long time, so I am glad to see it finally come to fruition.

When I’m not painting my armies, French and Spanish Napoleonic currently, I like to read, watch a good movie, play a little Celtic folk music, or paint on a canvas or two.